Business Ideas

Business plan

The Business Plan is a document that will describe in detail what your enterprise is, what it intends to be and what steps you need to take to achieve the objective. It is through it that you will carry out market research, suppliers, competitors and many other details indispensable for the creation of a successful enterprise. Even if your enterprise is digital, the business plan is a very important document that must be done through careful research.

This document is also a key element when it comes to finding investors, because it clearly shows the numbers of the projections of spending, investments and financial return.

Market niches

In making your business plan, you have probably already understood a little more about the market you intend to operate and what is the best strategy for it. However, it is always good to remember the benefit of working with online niche markets.

A niche is a specific segment of customers looking for the same solution or specific products. This is exactly why it is much easier to make your brand noticed by a niche than by the mass market. An online niche, in addition to a great market opportunity, also eliminates geographical barriers, considerably increasing the number of potential customers. In other words, working with online niches is a great strategy for small businesses and entrepreneurs who are starting out, because they help consolidate your brand and give you the chance to serve many more people.

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Business Ideas

The internet is wide and full of endless possibilities. There is always someone wanting to buy some product, wanting to learn about something or seeking to acquire a new skill. And of course, if there is a demand, there is the possibility of a business being born out of that demand.

If you know that you want to launch yourself into the world of digital entrepreneurship, but are still not clear in your head which segment is the best for you to invest in, here are some business ideas that can be useful for you to start investing in the Internet.

E-commerce or Virtual Store

Maybe this is the best known industry for those who want to do business on the Internet. A virtual store, also known as electronic commerce (E-commerce) is a site that facilitates the purchase and sale of products through the Internet. In many aspects the e-commerce store resembles a physical store, as in the control of stock, logistics and forms of payment, but all this happens without the intermediary of a seller and without the physical presence of the buyer.

In general, this type of business requires a slightly higher initial investment due to the platform, website development and domain and hosting expenses, but even so, it is a much lower investment than opening a physical store.

A virtual store needs to invest in security! An insecure customer will hardly send important personal data, such as full name, CPF and, payment data. In addition to security, the ideal is that your online store also offers diverse forms of payment, such as credit cards, bank slips and online transfer, for example, to meet a greater number of customers. More customers = more sales, right?

Hint: Think if you will sell your own product or if you will work with resale and set up your strategy thinking about it. With your own product, your initial investment may be smaller, but you need to be very attentive to the stock and the time needed to replace it if it runs out. The ideal is that the products are always available!

Business Advantages

  • Comfort: Have you ever thought that an online store never closes? The customer can make a purchase at any time and anywhere. He can search calmly, really know the product and read other users’ opinions, all without having to leave home. The chance to realize the sale is much greater.
  • Low initial investment. As we have already said, the initial investment of a virtual store can be a little higher than other digital ventures, but still is a much lower investment than what is necessary to open a physical store.
  • In addition to the lower investment, maintenance fees are also lower. Instead of paying the rent in a physical store, for example, you will need to pay only the costs of hosting and eventual costs for maintenance of the forms of payment. Best of all, there are no costs for paying salaries for many employees.
  • End of physical barriers: Investing in a good delivery logistics, it is possible to expand your business to sell throughout the national territory.

Types of e-commerce in which you can invest:

  • Shop for clothes, shoes and accessories.
  • Beverage and food stores (remembering that these need greater care due to the expiration dates.
  • Electronics store in general.
  • Shop for handmade products of own manufacture.

Blog or specialized site

Among the business ideas, a specialized blog or website is very common. If you are an expert on a subject and like to write about it, this can be a great way to make money on the internet. But it is important to be aware, because if the goal is to make money with it, your professional blog should be treated as an enterprise, not just a hobby. It is necessary to focus on a specific segment, create a schedule of posts and feed your blog regularly, to increase traffic and visibility. Besides, you need to create rich and relevant content that people really want to read, right?

Of course, creating a blog that has a lot of visibility is not a simple or easy task to reach overnight, but there is a great ally in this task: digital marketing. Studying digital marketing and SEO techniques are ways to make your digital presence grow and more people have contact with your content. These are key issues for the monetization of a website.

But how does the monetization of a blog or website work? The most common way to monetize it is through paid ads. For example: If you have a lot of visitors and a lot of traffic on your page, you can look for a business that is in the same segment and sell advertising space. You can also negotiate with partners to sell third-party products (and even info-products!) on your domain as well.

Hint! Google Adsense is an affiliate program in which blog and website creators can somehow rent space for Google ads. It’s a great way to start monetizing your blog if you’re not yet ready to partner with other businesses. And the program is still free!

Business Advantages

  • Creating a blog requires very little initial investment, because there are several platforms and domains that cost little and some are even free! Best of all, many platforms are quite user-friendly and you don’t need to be a technology expert to use the available tools.
  • Working on a blog unites the comfort of working from home with an excellent way to profit from the knowledge you already have. You’ll need a good organizational skills and peace of mind to write, but you can do it from home and in your free time. It’s a great opportunity to generate that extra income.

Hot subjects to create a blog:

  • Healthy and sustainable living.
  • Travel.
  • Lifestyle.
  • Beauty and self-esteem.
  • Hair care.

Video channel

The videos are on the rise in the market, you may already know that. But do you know that you can make money with your video content? More and more people are investing in a professional video channel as a source of income.

Oops, so does that mean you should become a Youtuber? Not exactly.

Do you know how much a YouTuber actually earns? Unfortunately profiting from online videos on this network is not that simple. It takes thousands and thousands of views to activate the Youtube monetization service, and it takes a lot of people to click on the ads for you to start making money. That’s why the best way to make money with your videos is to hire a professional online video platform. Don’t waste your business ideas!

In a professional video platform, you put your content (an online course, for example) in a secure virtual piracy environment and make money selling your videos without depending on the amount of views.

For example: If you want to record an online makeup course for parties, for example, you can record your video lessons, divide them into modules, upload them to this professional platform, advertise your work and start selling the course to interested people. Besides, you can choose between monetization via subscription or by punctual sale according to the characteristics of your business.