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What is happening at IBM, Microsoft, Accenture and CME Group? A look at the four current members of the Solactive Blockchain Technologies Performance Index.

Although the exact role of the Blockchain technology on the economy and society cannot yet be precisely estimated, the excitement surrounding the technology is great. For the blockchain has the potential to fundamentally change economic and social systems. Many experts even see it as the next evolutionary stage of the World Wide Web. If the trend gains in importance, companies that are leaders in this field could potentially be given a boost. And we have made the topic investible. And perhaps some people will jump in with this honest cryptosuite review that we did a while back.

Pioneer among the blockchain specialists
Although the technology is still in its infancy, some companies are already showing great commitment. The Solactive Blockchain Technology Performance Index, issued in April 2018, tracks companies from various blockchain technology sub-sectors that appear to have the greatest potential in their areas. The index is calculated and published by Solactive AG. The index adjustments are made semi-annually.

Landing the “right” hits
For example IBM (International Business Machines). According to Accenture, one of the world’s largest IT service providers, demand for blockchain solutions is concentrated in three sectors in particular: financial services, supply chain logistics and digital identity management. IBM is already represented in all three segments – a pioneer in its field (see Investor’s Business Daily, 18.05.2018). Due to its extensive blockchain activities, which include the Blockchain-as-a-Service Platform, IBM was included in the index. IBM is also a member of various Blockchain consortia and holds several Blockchain patents.

Microsoft also jumped on the bandwagon early – and is already building up a blockchain network with Microsoft Azure. This is a so-called public ledger or a logbook that ensures the transparent and secure recording of transactions – automatically (see microsoft azure; Investor’s Business Daily, 18.05.2018). Microsoft is also represented in several Blockchain consortia and holds a significant number of Blockchain patents.

As the trend seems to continue to develop, the demand for blockchain consulting is also high. Companies that offer consulting for blockchain solutions could therefore benefit from the development. Among them: Accenture and IBM (see Investor’s Business Daily, 18.05.2018). Accenture is one of the world’s largest IT service providers and focuses on various future fields – including the innovative blockchain technology – and is well positioned. Accenture is represented in various blockchain consortia and participates in various major projects in the form of blockchain services, which is why Accenture has also been included in the index.

CME Group
Last but not least, the CME Group, which is the only exchange to offer bitcoin futures for trading alongside its competitor Cboe Global Markets AG. According to an article published on Bloomberg on 23 May, Deutsche Börse AG, among others, still has a long way to go before it reaches the stand of the pioneer CME. The CME Group’s lead in Bitcoin trading and its memberships in Blockchain consortia has led to its inclusion in the index.


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